MBHM – The Village Market

Making Black History Moments (MBHM): In January of 2016, Dr. Lakeysha Hallmon begins offering master classes under the banner of “It Takes A Village” with a focus on supporting entrepreneurship development, financial literacy and women’s empowerment. This effort would quickly grow into The Village Market, an Atlanta-based ecosystem reaching small businesses in 21 states and four countries, with an official partnership with The Bahamas.

I posted a status online a few weeks ago that I know some amazing people doing incredible things in the world. One of those people who I admire and love with my whole heart is Dr. Lakeysha Hallmon (yes, I use her whole name and title).

Dr. Lakeysha Hallmon, The Village Market Founder

Key stepped out on faith in a way many people never will and through trials and triumphs launched what is now a vital and growing business ecosystem that promotes black excellence in business on a daily basis.

The Village Market Atlanta 2017

A few years ago I had the opportunity to attend one of the Village Markets which was a bigger deal than it sounds at first considering I have to make my way over from Lubbock, Texas, to Atlanta for the occasion. The energy was heavy in the air. It rained hard during that market but it didn’t deter people from coming out spending their dollars with all those vendors.

Comic Relief From Our Stairwell Rain Shelter

If you’d like to read about that adventure and see more pictures from the event CLICK HERE.

Yes, The Village Market is an amazing accomplishment and its mission to “empower entrepreneurs through education, purpose-driven events, and community engagement,” needs to be shared by all of us. But what I am most proud of my little sister for is the beautiful way she works to empower others and protect her energy.

I love her slogan that “Support is a verb”. I love the reminders she graciously shares that “self care is not optional and in fact supports excellence in servanthood”.

Key and the team at The Village Market are a shining example of black excellence and if you haven’t looked into the good work they are doing there is no time like the present.

To learn more about the work of The Village Market Atlanta visit their site at https://thevillagemarketatl.com.

Marta C. Youngblood is the founder and creative engine behind TheWRITEaddiction creatives co-op founded in 2014 as a virtual community supporting writers from all over the United States of America. Marta’s passion drives her to support the success of creatives from all walks of life to honor their talent and share it with the world. She believes that working in our creative callings does not have to be synonymous with being a “starving artist” and helps creatives master the business skills and strategies they need to work in their gifts.

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