About Me


I am a natural born traveler. For me, travel is the cure to the disease to which I am most vulnerable…boredom. I mean it. I am one of those people who sees the mobile tiny house shows on tv and wonders why we all don’t live that way.

It’s ironic really. When we are single we have the greatest amount of flexibility to race off into the world and explore, but the least amount of means (meaning money). Once we partner up and succumb to the drone of adulting, we typically have more means but less time to travel.

But this blog isn’t going to be about moping.  It will be about DOING.

Hi, my name is Marta and if this is your first time reading me just know that I like to have fun in these written conversations with people just like YOU. Also, I am not a newcomer to the blogosphere and I may share some of those other projects with you along the way. However, This Girl WRITE Here is a special project that has been waiting patiently for the right time and place to begin because it will be my (mostly) travel blog and fun space to shout out the things that I love.

In this space, I will share with you many of the unusual places I tend to find myself in and the remarkable experiences I am working on making a reality.  Some experiences may show up that are from my travel past while others may be LIVE and in real time.

The look and feel of the blog may change from time to time as we move along in the process, but I promise you will get authentic me every time you log on.

Here’s to happy travel sharing!